Plant Evaluations, Upgrades, and Operations Optimization Reviews


After an onsite, plant wide review by the EMS team, we provide each client with a plant operations and management evaluation. We identify potential unrealized operational efficiencies as well as potential plant performance upgrades that can enhance the success of the plant through reduced costs and yield increases.


Additionally, EMS assesses staffing levels and other key operational aspects to help determine the most cost effective and optimized
plant solutions.

Long Term Operating Plant Management

The EMS management staff has over 100 years of combined experience and have had successful experience managing/operating nearly every major design of facility within the United States.  Today EMS is operating facilities with technologies ranging from Vogelbusch, Delta T, Gaylor, Davey McKee (one off designed plant), and ICM. EMS has been able to achieve a 100% success rate at improving operation efficiencies, reducing costs and down time, increasing run rates, improving safety and environmental metrics, and improving community relations. Without exception, this has equated into improved overall company performance for all of our customers.

EMS makes recommendations and arranges on the owner’s behalf appropriate maintenance of the plant. In cooperation with the client, EMS assists in the development of budgets. Additionally, our team provides written reports to the client regarding activities of the manager, staff, contractors, safety and environmental performance, or any other information required by the client.

EMS recommends optimal staffing levels based on the plant status and the short and long term goals of the client. EMS provides management recommendations throughout the course of engagement. If desired, all retained plant employees may become employed by EMS. As an employer of plant personnel, EMS’s functions include hiring replacement personnel, providing human resources services including policy development, payroll, and benefits. The client continues to directly fund all payroll costs such as base salary, approved incentive program, tax expenses, benefits costs, workers compensation, disability, and unemployment. EMS coordinates and manages all such items for
the client.

EMS can tailor plant management services to fit a clients’ individual needs and oversee as much or as little as desired.

Ethanol plant shutdowns, startups, and ongoing plant management / operations support.

ICM backed performance guarantees for ICM process and equipment, whether installed in ICM designed or non ICM designed plants.

Onsite environmental audit and reporting through our qualified environmental subcontractor, ERI Solutions.

EMS engages our qualified subcontractor, ERI Solutions, to conduct an onsite walkthrough and inspection. A written summary of potential exposures, violations, and liabilities will be provided to the client. EMS will provide recommendations to specific items that need to be remedied to achieve regulatory compliance including a budgetary estimate of the costs for correction.

Decreased cost for supplies and services due to volume discounts and allowances offered to EMS.

Examples include fermentation supplies / chemicals, shutdown contractors, and contracted services.